Mission & Logo

Our Mission

Our mission is to leverage knowledge on the continuity and change in the development of human and family resiliency to design, evaluate, and implement mindfulness-informed family-based interventions to empower families and prevent mental disorders.

Our Logo design

The FRAME Lab’s logo symbolizes a young child’s handprint. Each finger is a different color, which resemblances the Lab’s research program that incorporates multiple levels of analysis in the study of complex systems in the development of psychopathology or in the promotion of resilience. Inside the hand, a heart is depicted. This heart-hand connection is an illustration of the dynamic balance between being and doing in everyday life for optimal mental health and wellbeing. It aligns with the Chinese philosophical concepts of Yin and Yang, that is, the receptive part and the active part jointly forming an interconnected cycle.

An important line of research in the Lab is focused on parenthood, as parenting is filled with numerous doings which can support or hinder a child’s healthy development. In stressful circumstances, being mindful and compassionate helps parents to drop in to their moment-to-moment experiences and be in touch with their true selves and their child’s true self.

As a whole, the Lab’s logo showcases our goal to investigate ways in which mindfulness empowers parents and families and to translate such knowledge into preventive intervention programming to reduce mental health problems and foster resilience in parents and children from at-risk families.